BitBox01 Backup Verification

A guide to verifying your backups using the BitBox App.

If you have Two Factor Authorization (2FA) enabled, you will not be able to verify the backup at this time. A future firmware release will allow verifying a backup when in this mode. Please contact support if you do not feel safe resetting the device without checking the backup.

In case you have trouble with any of the steps, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Check that your existing wallet backup you made on the SD card is safe, please follow these steps:


Insert the SD card in to the BitBox, unlock the BitBox with your device password and go to Manage Device > Manage Backups and press Check Backup.


Enter your recovery password to check if the backup matches the wallet installed in the BitBox. If your wallet is backed up safely and the password is correct, the app will tell you “Backup matches the wallet”.

Hidden Wallet Steps


If you have a hidden wallet, unlock your BitBox with the normal device password (not the hidden device password) and repeat the above process except enter the hidden wallet recovery password after pushing the Check Backup button. Check that the app returns the “Backup matches the wallet” message.


If the hidden wallet password check fails, you might have a “legacy hidden wallet”, which is a hidden wallet set up before firmware v3.0.0. A legacy hidden wallet is linked to a standard wallet, such that if the backup is verified for the standard wallet, the hidden wallet is also safe.


If you cannot see funds you know are stored in a legacy hidden wallet, try activating the legacy wallet mode. First login to the BitBox using your main wallet password. Then go to Manage Device, expand the Guide section on the right, and next expand the section How do I access the legacy hidden wallet. Here you can enable the legacy hidden wallet mode. Finally, unplug and re-insert the BitBox and enter your legacy hidden wallet password. If the password is correct, you will now enter the wallet and see your funds as expected.