If you still keep your coins on an exchange, you should probably withdraw them to your own hardware wallet. In case you are wondering how to withdraw your coins from Kraken to your BitBox02, we will show you how easy it is.

Start a withdrawal on Kraken.com

Login to Kraken and chose 'Funding'.

On the next site, click on "Withdraw"...

..and chose Bitcoin.

On the withdrawal page, click on "Add new withdrawal address".

Create a withdrawal address on the BitBox02

Open the BitBoxApp, unlock your BitBox02 and chose Bitcoin.

Click on "Receive" in your Bitcoin-Account.

Chose "Show and verify full address on device".

This will bring up your receiving address.

On the BitBox02, first compare the shown address with the one from the BitBoxApp.

Check the entire address by using the slider on the bottom of the BitBox02.

Don't confirm yet.

Finish the withdrawal process on Kraken

Copy the address from the BitBoxApp and paste it into Kraken.com . Confirm again, that it is the same address that is shown on the BitBox02 display.

You will receive an email from Kraken, in which you will need to confirm the withdrawal address.

After confirming the address, you can chose it in the dropdown menu and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Again, make sure that it's the same address shown on the display of the BitBox02.

Once you have checked the address, confirm the withdrawal.


Within 5-10 minutes, the unconfirmed transaction should show up within the transaction history of your BitBoxApp. Depending on the state of the network, the transaction should confirm within the next hour or two.

Please keep in mind that Kraken takes a withdrawal fee, which will be substracted from your withdrawal amount.

Your Bitcoin has now been successfully withdrawn from your Kraken account and is now stored on your BitBox02!

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