Watch how easy it is to use BitBox.


Cofounder Douglas Bakkum introduces how BitBox works.

Extended tutorial

Cofounder Jonas Schnelli demonstrates the simplicity of setting up and using BitBox.

Tour the desktop app

Overview Tab

Check your balance and previous transactions.


Device connected
Talking to device
Talking to blockchain
Mobile app connected

Receive Tab

Get addresses to receive coins.

Optionally, use the mobile app to securely verify that the displayed address is correct.

Send Tab

Create a transaction to spend your coins.

Hold the touch button to approve the transaction.

Optionally, use the mobile app to securely verify that the transaction details are correct.

Settings Tab

Manage your wallet here: erase, re-seed, create or load a backup (or import your own wallet), update the device password, connect to a mobile app and enable 2FA (see below), and more.

Multisig Tab

Use the BitBox as one member of a multi-signature Copay wallet. The multi-signature wallet co-exists independent of your personal wallet.

Simply initialize the wallet in the free and open source Copay app and enter the invitation code here. No registration is required.