Proxy instructions
Use the desktop app over Tor or another proxy

Step 1: Get and run Tor

To install using homebrew and then run, open a terminal and type:
brew install tor tor

To install, download the "Expert Bundle" here.
Start Tor by running the tor.exe program.

   Linux   (including Tails OS)
If Tor is not already installed, follow the directions here.
To start Tor, open a terminal and run:

* If you are using the Tails live operating system, set a root password during boot (click yes for More Options). Use the Linux 32-bit desktop app available here and follow the instructions to adjust the USB permissions.

Step 2: Enter the proxy settings in the desktop app

In the Options tab of the desktop app, select "Expert Settings..." and go to the "Proxy/Tor" tab. Check the boxes to use a proxy and bypass Cloudflare's Tor blocker*. The proxy URL text box can be ignored if you are using a standard Tor setup.
That's it!

* The desktop app uses the open source Bitcore Wallet Service (BWS) by Bitpay as a backend to communicate with the blockchain. BWS uses Cloudflare, which blocks traffic from Tor. We provide a remote proxy at to forward Tor traffic to Alternatively, you may use a different forwarding server or a different (or your own) BWS instance - change the "Wallet Service URL" in the "Expert Settings" window to set the custom server or BWS location.