The Management Team

Douglas Bakkum, PH.D.

Co-founder & Inventor

An accomplished neuroengineering scientist at the world-renowned ETH Zürich, Douglas is a hardware, software, and bio hacker with a remarkable background spanning mechanical engineering (M.Sc. & B.Sc.), AI, computer science, robotics and bioart. On the latter, his collaborative works, the Meart and CellF projects, have been exhibited around the world and received numerous prizes.

Jonas Schnelli

Co-founder & Developer

Helping birth the mobile app ecosystem, Jonas's previous companies created apps for the Swiss National Railway (SBB), the supermarket chain, Coop, and Credit Suisse. Arguably one of the most trusted people in Bitcoin, he is a core maintainer and blockchain expert, being one of the few people in the world with commit access to the Bitcoin code base.

Arnold Sternberg

Finance & Strategy

Our financial & strategic wizard, Arnold has a wealth of experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor in tech, fintech, media, and billion-scale asset management.