An easy to use, professional Bitcoin & Lightning full node to equip you for Bitcoin sovereignty.

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While hardware wallets provide security, they do not provide privacy. Your entire financial history is potentially visible to the company that queries the Bitcoin blockchain for you.

The BitBoxBase improves overall privacy when receiving and sending funds, provides the authoritative truth about blockchain data like transactions or address balances by validating these independently, and acts as a personal 24/7 Lightning Network client with an intuitive Lightning wallet to send and receive funds through the BitBoxApp.


The feature-rich BitBoxBase is a tightly integrated solution built on open-source components.

Transact privately

No need for an external service to broadcast your transactions for you, just do it yourself.

Fully validate the chain

Know that you’re following the real Bitcoin blockchain and not some arbitrary fork.

Lightning Network

Easily run your own private Lightning node, usable from anywhere.

Support Bitcoin

Help keeping the Bitcoin network honest by rejecting invalid transactions and blocks.

Easy to run and maintain

No technical setup is required, BitBoxBase is plug-and-play and receives continuous updates.

Tor support

Keep your physical location private by exclusively using the Tor network and avoid leaking your IP address.

Trust no-one

By validating Bitcoin yourself, you don’t need to rely on any 3rd-party service.

Built in secure chip

The integrated BitBox secure chip keeps your sensitive data safe and can enable additional services.

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"In an ideal world, everybody directly takes part as a sovereign peer within the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network, verifying every transaction while preserving maximum privacy. This is what we are working towards."

Roland Stadler, Product Lead BitBoxBase